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Mermaid auditions at the Disneyland Hotel

dreeeeaaammmm jobbbb *sobs in corner*




what if your phobias are based off how you died in a past life

Why is this not getting around faster


this is the best thing I’ve seen


to all the young babies who follow me:

hello you precious angels listen to your wise old fandom grandma and don’t ask celebrities about your otp or fanfiction or fandom in general trust me babies when you are a few years older you will not regret heeding my words and will thank me for averting that massive amount of embarrassment

SS Marie Antoinette. Out of control repair Droids, cannibalizing human beings. I know this is familiar, but I just can’t seem to place it. Sister Ship of the Madame De Pompadour. Nope, not getting it.



do you ever get that horrible feeling in your stomach because you can’t imagine anyone ever falling in love with you and wanting to spend the rest of their life with you

every single day



Leaf bug (Phyllium giganteum)

The constant wobbling as they move is a part of their disguise, making it seem as though the “leaf” is only moving because of a light breeze.

If you blow on one it will also shake around in the hopes of matching any actual surrounding leaves

  1. teacher: you need a 3 ring binder in my class
  2. teacher: *doesn't hole punch anything*